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photograph the Rugged Maniac on May 5, 2012 (since I can't run it due to my knee injury)

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Designed with the assistance of Navy SEALs, Rugged Maniac is a running event that combines the most rugged terrain and burly obstacles to allow those with a sense of adventure to define themselves, then bask in glory at an after party with live music, food and beer.

Ok, I don’t drink beer, but a 5k obstacle course in the mud? Who wouldn’t think that looks fun! Haha.

The only issue I’m having: I’m completely registered and ready to run… but my knee isn’t…

My Husband just diagnosed me with Patellar Tendonitis and has me on injury medication 4x daily, sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. It’s depressing really. :( I’m trying to sit calmly and pray that my knee is healed very soon, but as you have probably noticed, I’m somewhat ADD. I do not like to sit around very often. (It is, however, definitely beneficial to my reading goals! haha)

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