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learn to walk in high heels


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Good practice...

I’ve been in a couple of fashion shows and despite runway walking is different than regular walking in heels, I can point out a few tips:

1. Watch some professionals walk – look up runway shows on YouTube if necessary.
2. It’s all about confidence. If you’re not confident about it, walking in heels is not as appealing.
3. Don’t stomp your feet – remember, you’re walking, not marching. Take smaller steps rather than big wide steps.
4. Practice in front of a mirror and watch your feet.
5. The more you wear heels, the more comfortable they will be on your feet – start with wearing them for a short period and work up to longer periods – bring more comfortable flat shoes with you if you need to change.

Hopefully, some of this information was helpful. Really, walking in heels isn’t as difficult as some find it to be at first. It just takes practice.


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