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Oh my gosh yoga!!!

I have two teachers that I love. One in particular seems to know exactly which moves to have us do to totally realign & unkink everything. She works alot with the side body, and the rib area which is where I have tension. She also has us do lots of planks and moves that really leave you feeling strong.
She is very gentle in her approach, kind, not loud or annoying in anyway (it’s easy sometimes to get annoyed when someone wants you to do hard stuff and you don’t feel like it).

I’ve been drinking coffee lately and the coffee has given me the energy to keep up with class.

The only bad thing is that yesterday, I took her level 2/3 class and it was so hot and we were all drenched ….we had a 15 minute cool down…but by the time I got home I was really nauseous. I had to take a cool shower, eat, and wait to feel normal again.

Yoga feels like physical rehabilitation

It’s not like going to a class for a quick work out. The classes I go to (2 a week now) feel very specific, like they were made for me to make me strong, so that I can stand and sit up straight. So that my stomach will be naturally flat and in without extra work. So that I don’t feel tension in my body.
IT really feels like a type of physical therapy and not like this high powered workout. Although, I usually end up sweating & I definitely always work up an appetite!!

Food tastes so much better after a yoga class too…another benefit.

Noisy yogini....delicate situation!

Class started today and there were a few stragglers. After they settled in the teacher started the opening meditation. About five minutes into the meditation a woman comes in to class, opens up her mat and spreads it out on the floor noisily & then walks across the room to go gather all of her stuff (blocks, strap, blankets, bolster etc). She “sets up” while we are all sitting cross legged with our eyes closed. It was a little distracting but I brushed it off.

Class was good. After the final pose we all sat cross legged with our eyes closed for the final meditation. The same lady who is right in front of me gets up, shakes out her mat rolls it up, walks across the room to put her stuff back and gathers her keys and clothes to leave. It was SO DISTRACTINGGG!!!!!
It wasn’t the first time either.
I decided to say something to the teacher because I was distracted, also to show support for her. I’m sure she noticed too. We all talked about it and they were trying to figure out the best approach since the teacher noticed that the woman had done it many times before. She said it was a “delicate” situation trying to handle things like this. I understand, she wants her students to be respectful of her class, and she also doesn’t want to scare this woman away from taking her class all together.

Yoga unlimited!!!

A friend of mine is a yoga teacher & he’s an awesome guy. I just found out today that his studio posts yoga videos weekly and there are hundreds of full classes you can watch for only $15 per month (unlimited!)

I’m going to sign up for 1 month to show my support and see him do his thing. My coworker does it an likes how convenient it is to have a class online, in your livingroom (great for new mom’s or home bodies!).

Let me know if you want the link for the studio, you can get started.


Today. Lots of plank poses. Quite a bit of stomach work.
The class seemed to work all of the not so good feelings out of my joints and body. Yoga seriously helps me feel good being in my body the rest of the day.

I was really really hungry and happily ate all of my Sunday lunch (seafood saltado with rice, and fries)

I changed the picture. I don’t think anyone wants to look at that big plate of food when they are thinking about yoga…or maybe they do?

Yoga pants shortage! Haha!

This issue is serious! :) I went to buy pants this week & had to look closely to make sure to buy the ‘old’ style of yoga pants.
The new ones are super see through!

Jimmy Kimmel talks about it

The side of my body

The last two classes worked the ‘side’ area quite a bit.
Something I haven’t mentioned much here is that I have some very bothersome pain in the side rib area on my right side. I don’t know what is causing it and it moves & changes.

Working this area in yoga feels really good & I hope it will improve the situation I have going on that I don’t understand.

I wear a wire-free bra to class to not cut off the flow in my body during class, it’s the least I can do since I wear the wire one most of the rest of the time.

I adore the two teachers I have, their classes are intense yet not fast. I want to find one more class per week & that should be a good amount of yoga for me. I want to add in rollerblading at least 1x a week because it’s almost as fun as hula hooping. Almost! But not quite. What it does for the thighs is amazing though.

One week off

Thanks to being sick & having a very sore neck.
It’s not like the old me to stop and then start again. But it’s what I needed to do to feel better. Yoga again on Friday.

Sunday class

9:30 am class. It was just perfect. I can tell that this is going to make my abdominal muscles a lot stronger which will help my posture & my hooping.

I love this teacher:) yay!

1.5 hours

First class in ages. It was perfect & hard but still somewhat relaxing. A woman in class recognized me. She told me she had been taking yoga for years and this was her favorite class ever! YAY!

I have one for Friday mornings now :)

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