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this is so exciting. two months in

and our savings goal was: $200. not much but we are still paying on the car. well we had saved: $320. we recently bought a suburban for $300. for reasons i need not explain, but we plan to have it sold (maybe for a profit) by march (which was the end of our 6 month plan). so yeah. we only have $20 actually saved now. but i know that it will be worth all this hassle in the end. i am really excited.

instead of moving out and renting we are thinking about maybe trying to buy a home. :)


we are using the savings account we got through the bank (we never use to use it, it came with our checking account) and we have made a plan to save X amount of money to get a new apartment in about 6 months. we are only one month into the plan but we are already above our monthly saving goal! i am so excited. it is just great to know we are doing good financially. it is hard and we barely have any extra after bills. but it still feels so good. :)

DH and i

started saving money in cash in our lock box, its just less accessible when we are out and about and we have done so much better at saving money :)

money origami

because i am so proud of what i am making (origami out of money… see my goal about this) that i am scrapbooking them so that i cant spend them, ultimately they are saved until we are really really broke i guess. haha. plus all the change is going in the change jar… ALL. and i can see it rising which makes me happier :) so keep us in your thoughts

damn damn damn

i have like 20 dollars tops in our savings (my fiance and i) the thing is, he is the only one working right now. we still see it as our money. but i try not to be too bossy about it, since i dont work. cars are stealing our money, and its not that its a crazy thing that he does. we HAVE to put money into them. we got stuck with two junkers. and the thing is, we can only manage to ever have one running at a time, but cant ever save enough to get a new one… its so frustrating. plus, without the second car, i cant get a job… this is a catch 22 and i am getting so frustrated. so anyways… now we are trying to save for our wedding.
we need to have 2000 on top of wedding costs. at our pastors request. (so we are prepared for the first month or so if anything comes up) so our wedding is on hold until then….

PLEASE. IF YOU CAN SPARE 2000, SEND IT MY WAY! haha… but no, seriously. ill give you the address! :) haha


while that is not awesome. $700 is more than i would have if i had zero. haha. so im doing good i guess. most of that will be gas to move. and waiting it out until i get started at my new job… hey, if you would like to help me out. hit me up.. ill give you an account number where you can deposit money!!! haha. im just kidding. haha. but thanks anyways :)


so much of the cost has been taken care of already. i have a place to live and a car to drive. and a job offer there aswell.
so yeah, i am not saving as much as i thought i should but i am also saving quite a bit. all of these next two checks will be going in savings since i dont have any bills to pay on these last two checks. i also have some saved up some… about $300.. :S not very much. but i am working on it. pray for us

in my futile effort

i am saving ALL change i get. not collecting up those quarters and getting coffee, or a chocolate bar. i am putting them all in a jar. and at the end of the month, i plan on putting all of my “ones” with them. because i hate to use ones. haha. idk why. and so far i probably have about $15 in change. and i know i have about $15 or $20 ones in my wallet. so whoo hoo! im on my way

for moving

in order to move to where my fiance lives within the next 6 months. i need to save (a high-ball estimate) $4500… now when i turn 18, next month, i can open a savings account (where i will get intrest). but for now, i need to restrain all my spending so that i can get enough to move. give up things now for our future, and this is hard for me, as i am more of an “in the moment” kind of person. but he means more than anything to me, and this is the least that i could do in order to be with him :)

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