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doing the best

i know how. i am pretty sure that i am doing good :) haha. i still ask if there is anywhere i need improvement (honestly and i dont get defensive about it) but he keeps saying know. i do know that my patiences needs some work though. so i will try to keep that in check


so i am finally a wife. so i guess i can work on this some more. or better. or something. haha. :)
anyways. i am still trying, working and loving. so i think i am doing pretty good. its just good to remind myself once and a while that this is somehting i should be striving for.


i am still working on it. i think that it is a life time journey quite honestly. i am doing all that i know to support him. yet he is still stressed. i know that is inevitable, but i simply dont like it.

does anyone have suggestions on how to help make his stresses go away…. and they are ones that i cant do anything about. like having time to fix his car because he works too much… (i.e. i cant work for him. nor can i fix the car… because i am not that talented… augh)

give and take

i do my best to be very supporting of brandt and his feelings and opinions. and i think i do a wonderful job. we never discount what eachother is feeling. because that is just how we feel, weither it is right or wrong. but anyways… i am actually working on the taking part. i have always been someone who helped others. i never allowed myself to take help from others or go to others with my problems (even just to vent) because they never seemed important enough… like i was just causing drama. but i am realizing that if they are meaningful to me, then they are obviously important to me and that should count for something. period. i am working on being able to ask brandt for help or just to be able to talk to him when i am feeling down-n-out. i know that when i do it makes him feel really good because he feels like he is helping me and supporting me the way a husband should. so basically. the task at hand. allow him to be my knight in shining armor. :)


only 10 months until we are really married. haha. even though we already think of ourselves as such. i cant wait. bought my wedding dress today! and its awesome. i am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband! :) i am really working on it. and brandt says i am a wonderful wife and that i am growing as such. awesome! :)
blessings yall

i try to have serious disscussions

with brandt about how i can do better…

recently we were talking about how i have a male friends. and he liked the idea, because they could protect me while he is so far away. but i wonder… even though he feels that i am safer, does he feel jealous? im working on it…

how can i better myself?

i want your opinion on how i can be a good wife.

i constantly ask brandt if there is anything i can do to help him more, show him i love him in a better way, or support him in any other way, and he says no. but i still want to be the best i can. i love him dearly, and i want that to be shown in everything i do.

everything i do for him, or say to him is done out of love, and i make that my first thought… any other ideas?

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