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Plan now to get in shape after the baby is born so it won't be quite as much of a shock...

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As we still don't really know

what will happen regarding the birth (BTW I am currently at 39 and 1/2 weeks) as baba T is very fond of doing somersaults, we could be booked in for a c-section on monday, we may not…

So as it could be a situation where I may not be able to do very much for a while after the birth I started looking up how I could help things along, as when I had Sam that was a c-section and the recovery was awful and I didn’t want to find myself in thgat situation again…

Anyhow, I came across a review for a site called seraphina who make post-partum support “belts” I guess you could call them. They apparently help with the recovery of the seperated muscle of the abdomen, the only catch is you have to wear them 24/7! But it is a positive step towards regaining your pre-pregnancy shape.

So after reading a little more (apparently they swear by something similar in Italy) I asked my husband to order me a couple, so in the next few days I will take delivery of one nightime and one daytime post-partum support garment!

I will have to wear them for 10 weeks! But seriously anything that aids recovery and makes you feel a little more human after childbirth can’t hurt can it?

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