duck on a lake in Brisbane is doing 31 things including…

learn and practice yoga

10 cheers


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Bendy Berecca

My flexibility has improved out of sight… can’t say so much for my moods, as just the other day I got so angry over something quite silly.

Although, I did manage to calm down quite quickly once I realised I was being silly! I suppose that’s improvement?

Now that my 10 day pass has expired, I’ve signed up for a monthly pass. As it’s not cheap I’m hoping to go as often as I can.

Hooray for yoga!

Day 7 of Bikram

This is still awesome. I still love it. And I can touch my toes again. I struggle with flexibility so I am loving this regained trick immensely :)

Whereas I hadn’t put weight on during the last few years, my body had changed and grown softer and wobblier. I used to train 6 days a week so was quite toned. I’m starting to see muscles again. Weeeeeeee!


Bikram yoga is hard. But you know you’re working every part of your body in those 90 minutes of sweat.

I’m going again today. For newbies you can pay $17 and go as often as you like for 10 days. I’ll try to go everyday for the 10 days.

Bikram yoga

Tomorrow a friend and I are going to check his out. He used to do it years ago and said it’s awesome.

You sit in a hot room – 38°C/100°F and sweat it out. The warmth is supposed to help with your ease into poses (flexibility) and you have to drink a lot of water before, during and after to make up for all the sweat.

Yoga at home is still working for me and I think I’ll do both. Very good for the calm.

This is going well

I feel much better after each yoga session. Maybe it’s because I get a whole hour to focus on me and think about how I feel?

Except for today… the cat was in one of her moods and doing laps around the house. I’d love to close the door, however that just means she will sit at the door and yowl until it is opened for her.


In order to achieve my other goal, “stop stressing out” I’ve decided to give myself this one… learn yoga. My good friend Lauren has been telling me to BREATHE for years. I’ve discovered that that is what yoga is all about. Lets see if I can learn to turn myself into a human pretzel yet!

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