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list special moments on weekends with the lads


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I love them

And so long as they don’t find out, all will be well :)

(because they’re boys they’d probably be embarrassed)

Dating a man with kids is... ummm.. sometimes interesting...

But also a lot of fun. Now we’re all past that awkward stage it’s easy to hang out and enjoy ourselves. But I’d be fibbing if I said there wasn’t still the odd… ummm… “moment” that wasn’t so comfortable.

I’m all about the positive though, so I’m going to list some of the good times we have together.

I’ll start by recounting something from last weekend… when I took the boys shopping for their Dad’s birthday present. I couldn’t have asked for better behaved lads. They were an absolute pleasure, but the best part – they were having fun too.

They’re cheeky monkeys… making fun of my very old car, wondering aloud how it still runs… still beats walking though!

We used the cover story of having to get my sister a birthday present, so they think their Dad doesn’t know they got him a little something. They admired my sneaky tactics.

The three of us dawdled through bookshops and toy shops and stopped at to have a look at this and that, talking all the way. Just plain fun! :)


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