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ich spreche kein deutsch

I’ll probably never speak German well, and that’s OK.

I learned a handful of phrases and I’m sure I’ll learn a few more before my departure and during my trip. I also downloaded a few apps to my phone to help me get by in a tight spot. But for the purposes of this trip, I won’t need to know much. And this upcoming trip was the incentive to create this goal in the first place.

Do I wish I’d made better progress? Yes, of course. Can I be OK with the progress I have made and accept that I won’t become fluent in the next five days? Absolutely.

37 days

until I leave for Germany!

And I don’t speak a lick of German. I went to my community ed class twice before I quit. The class was uninspiring and my heart wasn’t in it. But now that this trip is becoming more and more real, I know I need to step it up. I want to, at the very least, learn a handful of phrases that I can use to navigate the airport and politely order at a restaurant.

Can I commit to 20 minutes of studying a day for the next month? It’s certainly worth a shot. I have a great textbook with an audio CD, and I’ve also found a podcast or two that might be helpful.


for a community ed German class! Begins next week! Sprechen sie Deutsch, what? ;)

not a priority

until I book my ticket.

it's been three months since I signed up for Livemocha

and I’ve used it exactly one time. Eeek.

time to kick it into gear

Groupon has a LiveMocha deal – $25 for a six month online language course. I think I’m going to buy six months of German and six months of Spanish. It’s looking very promising that a trip to Germany will happen in 2012, so it’s time. And I’m excited about being able to do this online, in my own time, through a reputable source, and for cheap!

on the back burner

It looks as if a trip to Germany will not happen until late 2012. Which is a bummer, but I’ll deal.

In the mean time, I think it’d be best to stick to one foreign language at a time. And since Spanish is more relevant to my work and everyday life, I’ll focus my efforts on that for the next several months. I’ll come back to this in early 2012 :-)

sprecken ze deutch?

If a trip to Germany is looking promising for July, I NEED to start on this goal. I want to be able to get by in the airport, take a cab or other transportation, order in restaurants – the basics. I’d consider doing Rosetta Stone for this, but I think I might stick with resources from my local library since I’m pressed for time right now. I’ll put it in my calendar to check that out next week!

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