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the GREAT move

So, yesterday’s talk wasn’t as bad as I thought. My dad was a bit worried about my boyfriend’s tendency to get easily angered. And I reassured him that I’m in no danger. I didn’t quite say this, but I know his anger issues stem from some unresolved mental health issues. And he wants to get help, as soon as his health insurance kicks in. Anyway, after that heart-to-heart with my daddy (and another this morning), it seemed that everyone was in a more positive mood. (I also had a good talk with the boyfriend and he took the whole thing as an eye opener, dropping the grudge from earlier.)

Moving day, though it took longer than expected, went really well. We’ve probably got about 75% of our belongings here, including all of our necessities and furniture. The boyfriend will have everything moved in by Friday, and my hope is to have all of my belongings here (and my room at my dad’s house all cleaned) by the end of the month. I think my original unpacking goals are probably not going to happen, but that’s OK. Because we are SOOOOOO happy to be here. We really love this place. It already feels like OUR home, and though I think it’ll be surreal for a bit, this is a place we can see ourselves for awhile.

Finally, goal COMPLETE!


Sigh. Just when I thought things were going relatively smoothly, I unintentionally stir up some tension and drama between my dad and boyfriend. Shit.

We all went to the tailgate and football game together. And I thought everyone was having a good time. But later on in the afternoon, my boyfriend started stressing about logistics for tomorrow. It appeared that our original trailer rental reservation was going to fall through (the office didn’t answer any of our calls today) so he spent the end of the tailgate and much of the drive home on the phone. And when he wasn’t on the phone, I could just see the anxiety and stress building up in him. I spent a lot of the ride in ‘discussions’ with him and trying to calm him down. And he loudly complained about the incompetent people on the phone who weren’t helpful in his quest to find a new trailer and dolly. It was annoying, yet I know him well and understand that he often gets frusterated in the moment but won’t usually hold grudges (the grudge comes later).

So we get home and I can see that my dad is visibly upset. I was hoping he was just tired, but I asked… ‘are you ok? You look tired or upset or stressed or something?’ And he replied that it was a little bit of everything and (in a firm voice) that we would talk about it later. So that made me feel like I was going to vomit. I could only assume that because he was in a good mood when we left and a very crappy mood when we returned that he was upset with my boyfriend.

Sooooo, I told my boyfriend that he was being a little ridiculous and needed to calm down, and that I suspected he upset my dad (me and my big mouth). And he got a bit more annoyed. He said that if my dad had a problem with him, he should talk to him directly. And then I TRIED to take back my words and tell him I didn’t know what upset my dad (because, really, that was an assumption). But he wouldn’t let up. I convinced him that I should be the one to talk to my dad (to start) and not him. And then he left to go home and pack. And later told me that if I don’t get stuff straightened out with him tonight, I should tell him not to come help us move tomorrow. Sigh…

To make things even better, my dad is hiding from me in his room so I can’t talk to him. I’d normally knock, but his girlfriend is with him and I don’t need to drag anyone else in to this.

So I’m sitting on my bedroom floor in the midst of piles of crap that need to be packed up, feeling sorry for myself and my weak stomach and praying that my dad talks to me soon (and that he has also cooled off).

This morning I was getting nostalgic. I realized that tomorrow is the last time I’ll wake up and run downstairs to weigh in, take my vitamins, and talk with my daddy. I’m going to miss this, even though I know I can’t stay forever. I’m excited about the new chapter, but very worried about it starting off on the wrong foot if people can’t play nice tomorrow.

keys in hand!

Our lease started yesterday! We’ve each taken one carload of belongings over, with LOTS more to go. I’m so anxious to just be settled in, but it’s definitely going to be a process.

In just FOUR days we’ll be moving the bed (and all the other large furniture) and settling in for our first night together. Happy sigh…

Even though we still have most of our moving to do, I have some unpacking goals…

Sunday – living room / dining room / kitchen / shopping(?)
Monday – bedroom / more shopping(!)
Tuesday – bathroom / utility room
Wednesday – spare room / hallway / finishing touches (and take pictures to share on FB, hehe)

And that way we’ll be somewhat settled in before Thanksgiving!


Yesterday I came home from work with all sorts of motivation to prepare for our move. I packed up three (smaller) boxes full of DVDs and other random multimedia. I dusted off my guitar and packed it up in its case. I penciled in things to do on my calendar, like “call the utility company” and “buy a carbon monoxide detector.” And I did some research on renters insurance.

And then it hit me. I may have made a few small strides (finally!), but I really only have NINE days to pack. Three boxes in one day is no longer going to cut it. I leave for a trip next week and come back on the day our lease starts. I plan on bringing over a carload of boxes each day after I return (so I’d like to be all packed by them) and before our official move-in day (still 18 days away).

Sigh… just thinking about this is making me exhausted. But it will be soooooo worth it in the end!

closer than we thought...

Yesterday we put the deposit down and signed the lease. Woo! The only surprise – we were told that December 1st was not an option. Supposedly there are two other interested parties and she was not willing to negotiate. (Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but I also don’t care because I LOVE this place!) So our lease starts on November 15th! So freaking soon! I’m hoping to make the 20th our official moving day and just be done with it. And hopefully settled in by the 1st. It’s so dang close and I’m so excited!


Yay! Putting down the deposit on Friday, moving in around December 1st. CANNOT WAIT!

applications submitted, fingers crossed!

After much deliberating, we decided that this apartment was our best choice. I, personally, think it’s the perfect home for now (until we’re in the position to buy). My boyfriend turned in our applications today. We’re a bit worried, though – whenever I deal with the landlady, she’s always pleasant enough, but when he deals with her, she’s short with him and borderline rude. I don’t get it, as he’s the one with the better people skills who can strike up a conversation with nearly anyone. I just hope that doesn’t mean we’re setting ourselves up for a bad living situation. But the landlady told me when I first met her that they (her and her husband) like to keep to themselves, so I can’t imagine we’ll be running into them all the time or anything.

Anyway, we were told that it would take a few days to process our applications. I’m REALLY hoping for an answer by the end of the week. The suspense is killing me!

take 2

The place I fell in love with was rented before my boyfriend could go check it out. BUT they had another unit open up. He was able to view the outside but not the inside because the tenants are still there. I refuse to submit my application before I see exactly what I’m getting, though, so I called ahead and have an appointment this evening. Fingers crossed that this place is just as magnificent!

found a place

Love it. Everything I could want. Big rooms, open floor plan, the largest kitchen I’ve ever seen in my price range (complete with dishwasher and garbage disposal), central air, ceiling fans, balcony, easy parking, close to work. It’s a BIT on the pricey side but still within my budget.

The only problem is that I’m nervous to tell my dad. I’m 27, I’ve spent years living on my own, yet now that I’ve been home for 2 1/2 years (yikes!) I don’t know how to leave. I know I have to, and it will be OK, but I’m nervous.

Think good thoughts and wish me luck?

my job is secure for at least another year...

Let the apartment hunting begin! (again)

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