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learn to play the ukulele

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Learn To Play The Ukulele     Step-by-Step How to Play Uke Learn to Play Ukulele 4 Beginners

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I picked up my uke a couple days ago, strummed, and found it was seriously out of tune. When I tried to tune it up, it wouldn’t hold. Uh oh.

Fortunately R is pretty well-versed in the maintenance of stringed instruments and thinks he can probably fix it up. Fingers crossed, because I’d really like to get back to playing!

I got a uke for Christmas!

So much for getting anything constructive done ;) I’ve already learned a handful of chords and tried to play a couple of songs. FUN!

on hold

Until I can justify the purchase of a ukulele. Which will be difficult, considering my track record with musical instruments. (My guitar is currently a lovely decoration in my living room, but rarely gets any play time. Poor thing.)

first step - buy a ukulele!

Any recommendations from those who already own a uke? I’m looking for a standard in the $50-80 range, I think. It doesn’t need to be super fancy (obviously not for that price) but I’d like it to have decent sound and hold a tune.

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