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purge 100 possessions

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Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Excluding outerwear and undergarments, I own exactly 319 articles of clothing. That is ABSURD. Someday I’d like to get that number down to 100. This time around, my realistic goal is to donate, sell, or trash 30-50%. I’ve already piled up 40+ things I’ll be getting rid of next week. Just 60-120 to go ;-)

This was a much tougher goal than I expected. I’m happy I never gave up, though. In 2013, I think I’ll aim to get rid of at least one unused possession each day. Tough? Yes. Impossible? Hardly.


Finally made more progress! Worked on clearing out junk from the second bedroom and parted with many useless things. Plenty more to come. I have a small pile of things to give away – t-shirts, a sweatshirt, and magnetic poetry. The rest was trash, like accessories to old electronics, a button to a coat I no longer own, expired and empty medications, and things I kept for sentimental value but no longer remember where they came from :P


This was harder than I expected!

1-7. newspapers and magazines (recycled)
8-11. shirts (to donate)
12. purse (to donate)
13-17. books (to donate)
18. save-the-date bookmark from my cousin’s wedding… TWO years ago (trash)
19-20. worn out undergarments (trash)


My goal was to purge 10 possessions each day for 10 days. I’m already two days behind! I’ll aim for 20 today and 20 tomorrow to catch up.

I’m just so dang sick of the clutter in my home! I have too much stuff. Some days I wish I could just sell/give away/throw out just about everything and move back into a studio apartment. I know, of course, that I would just reacquire many of these tossed items at a later date and just it wouldn’t make any sense, economically.

Things to toss out? Clothes I don’t wear (or shouldn’t wear) anymore. Books and magazines I’ll never read again. Old mail. Random trinkets I’ve held on to for sentimental reasons, but for which I’ve forgotten why they’re sentimental (ha).

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