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Drink water instead of Coke at dinner at least 5 nights per week

10 cheers


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I will still continue to do this, but I’m counting it as done since I’ve completed 6 months. I think it’s enough of a habit that I won’t slip back into my old ways.

I did the math, and found that I’ve saved about $43 and 18200 calories!

I forgot to post last week

This is harder than I expected since we’re working outside most days and a Coke just tastes so good.

Week 25 is done.

This is hard in warm weather!

But I did it this week.

Week 24 is done.

I skipped a week

for vacation, but I was back on track this week.

Week 23 is done.

6 nights this week

Week 22 is done!

Week 21

is done!

Week 20

Is done!

Weeks 18 and 19


Week 17 is Done!

There was a day that I really wanted a Route 44 from Sonic, but I resisted. :-)

Week 16


bethieb has gotten 10 cheers on this goal.


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