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speak english fluently


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beto1glez has written 2 entries about this goal

Me After 3 years...

Well I did improve my english alittle bit.. but after 3 years i am ashame.. i didnt do all the things i said i was going to do.. I didnt even remember about this website..

I’ll be back in one year, to let you know how i am doing..

My goal for 2007 is get to speak english fluently..

I am reading everyday, and talking to my friends in english. I have been here in the U.S for 14 years already, have gone to school here, graduated from college, and getting my Bachelors in Business Administration, but i dont speak fluent english. I live in Texas on the border with mexico, and everybody here talks spanish.. But well this year is the year i change my life… Any advice??


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