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Create a budget


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bfor40 has written 4 entries about this goal

I joined a week ago and wow what an eye opener! It has access to my bank account so it breaks down my spending. I spend way more money on eating out then I could have imagined. Next month will be my first full month. I am excited because I can track my spending in real time.


I have a budget and I start next month. Very very excited!

ways to save money..

No more coffee at Starbucks every morning.
Cook everynight and have leftovers for work/dinner the next night
Take the bus to work.
Stop smoking!
Stop drinking soda!
Log what I spend.
Save EVERY penny.
Say NO to my daughter.
Turn off lights and tv when not in use!
My goal is to…save 25.00 a month in a cookie jar lol
With Christmas coming it will be hard to save more but I will try. No I WILL. That is 12.50 out of my bi-weekly paychecks.

my expenses

rent- 775.00

food- 200.
smoking-200. (omG!)


I want to:
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