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Shaleenee in India is doing 21 things including…

Keep a journal

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Man after all this meditation and everything I am giving up my power and letting people affect me!
I just keep repeating to myself, this is somehow reflecting something in me. let us see if it comes out.
damn pissed off, ate a lot of food comfort factor. but u know how the demon in the head is, he is asking for a bigger prey bigger punishment. hes tellin me to act irrational, eating like a pig is not enough, eat out of the dust bin, break something harm urself … what is this self distructive monster anyway why does he come out like this?


today I think I am ashamed of our species, humans! i just watched a movie about Nazis, BOy do i hate them or what! they are the sickest SOB on this earth. but it got me thinking, what thye did was not unique, happens in africa all the countries. then What happned in india during partition and the way the lower castes were treated by upper casts here. ppl are just evil inside and all that comes out when free reign is given.
high and mighty me, Will I toe the hatered line if I am put in a situation like that?

Or are we humans empty vessels who can very easily filled with evil shit? we are good if some powerful orator encourages us to be.Or go all the other way in the hands of a hitler. are we just puppets?
are we all psychos in disguise? or Buddhas even? millions of people followed gandhi and non violence. were tehy good ppl and millions of hitler followers bad. I think these two were just teh same people – they were just followers. no good or bad in them. they are just followers. they will follow anyone who urges them to follow. ( I may be one of these “they”. I think I am not, but who knows until it comes to that)

This has disturbed me a lil less now. thinking of our species as follower species rather than an evil species. there have been evil men( VERY FEW WOMEN, no women!) who have led hordes to evil and good people as well- jesus buddha gandhi commanded just as if not much bigger following…
hmmmm … followers…


free will –
may be not – just too many choices that it is very difficult to predict what will happen in one scenario.
everything in this world is deterministic, if u have the bandwidth to calculate it? just like earth moves around the sun clocklike.

soul? if the human is beyond the physical that doesnot make him more than a machine?

feeling wise- I feel plants have soul, mammals have soul
earth and sun – yes
insects – no
reptiles? no.

bacteria virus ???? atom? – no.

soul of earth – because of the people living on it, if not no soul.
ability to feel gives u a soul!!! feel emotions, cause insects also feel hot cold etc.
we all know shark doesnot have soul but dolphin has even without knowing that shark is a fish and dolphin is mammal.
when I say know I mean feel that u know.
nothing logical here, just feelings. I feel a cockroach is just a machine. mammals are not, and they became not machines cause of mothers love towards the offspring! and birds.

well.. feelings feelings feelings dont ask why or how or what


things are better now, I do feel angry a couple of times but ok.
house is settled. I was at home, may be that’s why things are better.


said most horrible and hurtful things to my husband :( I am feeling bad about it. I was angry and he was saying things like he’ll cheat me out of the house whihc is kind of life time investment for me. so I said stuff whihc I should have never said. He is hurt I think. anyway he is also ok with seperating. told his parents also, once my parents are back will tell them also. making it official this time. Hopefully it wil happen this time.

thinking of the D word...

hmmm, looks like i will have to put all the goals like control anger, meditate daily into the not done list. I am losing it again, going back to square one. I am going mad, I am getting depressed. AGAIN!! sigh!!!!
I guess I was born to stay alone , my husband being back in town is just not suiting me. well i can write a long list of things that are wrong with him and how unfair it is, bla bla. but what is the point? the bottom line is – I am less happy when he is around and more happy when he is away. no! I am not having any affair, i dont even have any friends( have friends but dont meet them often ), nope dont even meet parents(meaning not emotionally dependent on them) but i am happy when alone. alone is all alone. me and my pets and my garden.
May be its easier to stay sane when alone and I am a looser who cant deal with people. may be I am an AH with no guts to fight life. what ever it is, I cant deal with this. i want alone. I will somehow manage enough money property to sustain my small needs and my pets and leave to some god forbidden place. yes I want to quit and run. I am tired.
I dono how I let myself get drained and upset like this. but it always happens. I blame my husband for it. he may or may not be responsible for it. but being an adult I am fully and solely responsible for my peace of mind and my mental health. if I think someone is affectign it, i am responsible to avoid them.
yeah not gonna be afraid of the D word, that’s the only way to happiness for both of us. Or Ill end up in an asylum for sure. After D will I not end up in an asylum? :) only time will tell.

fighting sadness

I am not gonna let life beat me down, I am gonna stand up and stand up high! no matter what. What ever my brain what ever my heart says, what ever it tries to do to kill my sprit I am NOT NOT NOT gonna fall. My sprit will live and live well.

other things

started gym, my god. Its killin me, my hand, biceps and all those obscure muscles between my hip and underarm and all screaming in pain. they woke me from my sleep at 2 am and I am still suffering! and Abs too. hurts hurts hurts. aaaaaaaaaa.
one more hurt too. I talked about it. made me sick, I thought I was gonna puke. always feel like that when I think about it. I dono if its a good idea to talk about it or not. I am going ahead and talking anyway. keepin it all inside was, well horrible. let it all come out. soon Ill get over it?will I ever? I dono. I dread the day when it will come on intranet. face it, take the blow! life goes on.
Olympics – china WOWed me. They are something. They put up a really beautiful show. I have visited so many countires, but I have never seen such artistry and beauty anywhere (no, not even my India) such cute such beautiful art and craft. now they have prroved it again. Khudos!


My job is decided. Ill be working with my old boss, I get along well with him. and he’s a nice guy. one less stress.
Ill be working independently on a technical job. no management. no user interactions. another stress less.
I will work hard now, no letting down my boss and myself.

  1. # # # # # # # IMPORTANT # # # # # # # # # #
    It is very important I remember that I made this decision and I should not get jealous of other people who are getting promotions or recognition. I have consciously decided that work is low priority and that I have better things to do than run a rat race. no feeling bad about it anytime, Deeps. I know it will happen thats why I am writing this down. no feelin bad that i didnt win the rat race, no feelin bad that others got ahead of me. should be very very clear about this.
  2. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #


went to office yesterday. I hardly had any work. I was bored to death. and also my health went topsy turvy. I am almost sure my sickness is psycological and its something related to office. whole day I was listless and sleepy. my brain was not working. :-(
At home I always find soemthing interesting to do, I am hardly bored. but in office my brain feels like its rusted and creeky and damn slow, feel oozy. I thought I was excited about going back :-p loads of issues still at the back of my mind I guess. the fight goes on and on…....... ta da tadada

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