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catch up with old friends

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a bit by accident...

but while at the grocery store today I ran into my friend Carol. She was a LLL Leader along with me years ago and our kids went to preschool together, but I was surprised to see her because I thought that she, along with her family were in Mozambique working as missionaries. They are waiting for their house to sell and some other funding to come through, but hopefully they will soon be on their way for 2 years to Africa. What an adventure it will be for them.

Chatted with my friend, Liz today...

it was so nice to catch up on what is going on with her and her kids. I used to babysit her kids everyday when they were 4 and 5 and now they are 13 and 14 – yikes where did the time go??? It is amazing to me how kids just keep growing up, no matter what you do try and stop it.

It really had been too long since I’ve talked to or seen Liz and we used to see each other nearly every day. It was great just to hear her voice and laugh together. We amde plans to get together later this month. :)

Started this

Well, I actually managed to track down and email a friend from (yikes!) 20 years ago! Hi Rob! It’s good to catch up. :)

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