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write anonymous, loving post-its for strangers to find

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Well Not Really...

What I really like to do is spend a lot of time working on something that’s so small it seems worthless in the end, and 90% of people look at it and just ask WHY? 10% usually get it though and share the laugh with me. One example is I was in AP Chemistry class a while back and thought “wouldn’t it be funny if an AP kid didn’t know something really dumb and easy?” So I started referring to the class as AP Chamistry on tests and such, slowly getting more obvious until people noticed. I ended up taking post-its and putting an a over every e on the cover of the chemistry books in our class. A few days later, my teacher said “OK who’s been putting all of these stupid stickers on the books?” She didn’t get it, I guess. She said she didn’t mind until she realized I had gotten it on her book too. I have a few friends who got it though, and we’re always joking about it, for soem reason it’s hilarious to us. I just hope I didn’t write it in my AP Test, I think that that would be an automatic fail.

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