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Have cybernetic implants

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Can you say awesome?

While the idea of surgery scares me a little, especially for such trivial untested things, the idea of improving one’s senses sounds so cool to me. I’ve heard of people who got a gold plated neodymium magnet implanted in their finger next to their nerves, and now they can feel electrical fields and tell you if a wire is hot. Also, I’ve been following up on people who implanted RFID tags in their arm and then programmed everything in their house (and in some cases their cars) to work by waving an arm over a sensor. While this isn’t exactly enhancing a sense, it is still pretty cool (albeit unsecured, RFID tags are easily hacked.) My number one goal, however is to have a near perfect memory with the aid of technology. I hope to accomplish this by having a POV camera capture what I see and hear in real time, and have the audio translated to time-tagged text using “Dragon Naturally Speaking 9” software. This way I could recall anything, and would have perfect evidence in any conflict of what actually happened. I have found one company which does this at last! Starnex sells products that do this, but it is still relatively new, and while not absurdly expensiove ($300-$400) it is still too much for my humble means.

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