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More than 2 months after I resubmited my PhD thesis I recieved THE letter I have been waiting for for more than 2 years.

I am done! It was not a fun part of my life. I dont recommed anyone doing it. If you are already doing it I would be happy to help you.

I will write a bit more another day… once I understand what this means.

All the best to you all. Thank you for your support over the last many many months.

Happy day!

I have resubmited the thesis on time! I have not slept more than a couple of hrs per day for more than a week… but its in. Now I will wait for the examiners’ report. Hopefully it will be a yes and then I will be done!

I still cant belive I have actually made the corrections, it was painful. (if you have never read anything from me this probably does not make sense, read one of the earlier entries and you will understand).

Cheers to all!

About 1 month to go

Hello all… I am still alive! heheh

I have been working on the corrections and am now about 1 month from the dealine for re-submition. I still have no idea if I will make it. But I will not give up!

All the best,

Today sent emails to the right people

After several months of not even touching my “sick” PhD thesis, I pick it up. Then I emailed my examinors and told them I am ready to tackle the corrections.

I am sure it will be very hard.

I am a bit disappointed by the lack of messages after my last post… I really expected at least some people to say something positive.

However I do understand. It must be far too painfull for some people to read my posts since they may be worried the same thing happens to them. I understand. Still, I though the point of this site was for people to offer support to each other.

Well, I hope my story does help others. at least they may avoid the same errors I committed.

I will keep posting, maybe I will finish my thesis in the end and then we will have the happy ending we all want.

Passed the viva but its no where near finished yet!

Viva took 5 hr. Questions on almost every page. Fair examinors who said very good things about my writing and my work. they also said I performed very well in the viva, thus why they had no problem passing me!

major changes are needed… to do with the original (i.e. before I started on the project) project plan.

I feel very cheated. I feel that once again the goal posts have been moved back, just as I am about to reach them.

I am not sure I will do all the corrections suggested, if I will make minor ones and get a Masters or if I just close this sad and depression chapter of my life right now.

I am sorry its not good news. but its the reality.

Tomorrow is my Viva! Panic time!

Back in February I had a half writen thesis and very little will to finish it. Somehow I have completed the thesis and tomorrow is the viva!

I just wanted to let you all know that even though I know its all my work and I know my stuff, I am still scared and (a bit) panicking… I hope this message will help ease the nerves of others who will have their viva after me.

I will let you know what happens tomorrow evening!

All the best!

VIVA DATE! 29th June!

This is it everyone… The viva date is booked and confirmed. It will be on Friday the 29th of June. I feel relaxed now but I am sure that as the date comes nearer this will change. Any suggestions on how to prepare or your experiences are very welcome! Thanks.


I handed it in TODAY at 4:45 pm after spending more than 24 hr printing!!!!

Its unreal! One less hurdle!! Now I just sit and way for the call. then its show time (viva)

I cant wait to get this over with.

Again, thanks for your comments and cheers, they really did help back in February when I was considering to give up!

Panic time!

1st of May. That is the deadline. I have less than 4 days to do it. I am working on the last of 5 chapters at the moment… I really dont know if I will make it. I feel tired and not that motivated. I guess I dont “belive” that this is it. can anyone pich me or kick me or something??? cheers.
better get back to it

Have not given up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all who cheered me and wrote comments. I have not quit my PhD also because of you. I have finished the main chapter of my thesis last week and now I am finilising another one. After that I have to rearange the conclusions and I will be done. It looks like 1 more month should be enought to finish! It sounds unbeliveable to say that. Let’s just see if it turns into reality. This could just be the biggest turn arround of my life, given that I was at the brink just over a month ago.
Cheers for all of you who are going through the same sh*t I am.

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