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after three months i finally managed to send each and everyone of my friends overseas a postcard wit my current address – i think…

moving house

i’m moving house once again and to let all my international friends know i’ve sent out a whole bunch of postcards yesterday and i’ll probably will have to write another army before the end of this week…

oh my god, oh my god...

i wrote a postcard just before.maybe i should write a few more…


i can’t even remember the last time i’ve written a postcard. it’s time to get into that thing once again. if i want to receive some postcards, i’ll definately have to write a few. besides our home phone line is broken since a few weeks and it makes things with my friends and family overseas rather difficut. postcards will be the go!!

thesis and things

if i wouldn’t have to practice my procrastinating skills and write a thesis then i would try and write at least some of my friends overseas a postcard.
okay, enough excuses – it’s time for some postcards!!


i’ve written half a million postcards over the past two weeks. i hope i made a few people smile when they discovered them in their mailboxes. maybe i will get some responses…
wait and see!


that’s the amount of postcards i wrote the other day. so almost all my friends who have a current address and live somewhere else than here in australia will receive a postcard in the next few days…

postcard writing day

looks like i will be writing a few postcards today.
i haven’t written a single postcard in months so i guess, it’s about time to get started once again.
maybe i even get some back…


should really get onto this one once again. it’s been a while since i’ve sent my last postcard to a friend…


sent a holiday postcard to my mum after we had a minor car accident. how funny is it to send a postcard to your mum who lives in germany when you live in australia and am on holidays in the state that is the furtherst away from germany…

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