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birdie99 is doing 32 things including…

share vic and johns christmas card list


birdie99 has written 32 entries about this goal

brian patrick horn per vince kanek 817 255 2350 you have adopted the unwanted grandson of g don rhone and the much wanted grandson of john v crotty on the date of 2006/11/18

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things wants a film about donnys years with his momma.

birdie99 knows that we dont have tomorrow but we had yesterday did we not?

birdie99 hopes that the time goes fast between now and dons age of emancipation. then if is still around don can learn the truth.

birdie99 recalls the scripture that says oh lord thou hast made me fruitful in the land of my affliction. a battered wife might say she has had many children although her husband never cherished her.

birdie99 sees the comparison to the story of roots. women of color. slaves and wives were subjected to brutal attacks and nobody heard their screams. childbirth followed with its own special cries. indeed there must have been many cries that went up to heaven during the years of bondage.

2006/4/26 through the technology of satellite tv george clooney and his less famous dad nick clooney reported to oprah about the genocide in darfur. one year later on the same date, news was of Stephen Hawking and his 29 seconds of weightless bliss
as time and time again legions of women and children suffer while a few white anglo saxon men have expensive fun.

washing machines driving machines telecommuting machines and at last machines for teleportation remote telepresence

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things hopes the reader goes to urban challenge and plans to attend the race as a spectator. admission is free and the location to be announced in August.

dare we say August is the month of Autonomous vehicles,
augmentative intelligence and atlast solving the problem of being in two places at the very same instant in time.

home movies to
guttenberg to google
giggle to gigabyte

get onboard the nmg and just go. forward or backward in time. you have maximum system requirements. enjoy the ride.

horse and rider then car and driver then plane and pilot then telephone and operator now myers motors nmg and operator

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things has been faced with the challenge of down syndrome.

birdie99 was encouraged when dateline nbc ran a story by that very name: coping with the challenge of down syndrome

birdie99 has discovered things by watching endless vhs tapes and dvd discs with a son who may never learn to read and write, about connecting humans

C is for Communion
C is for Commute
C is for Communications

CCC is what we need to defeat the terrorists. all our radio and television and even x-rays have to be brought into play.

Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera

maybe there is a high tech way to block Al Jazeera better than bombing. femmes science might undertake this study.

8 march of every year is international womens day

1 march we should celebrate the Peace Corps (1961)

7 january we should celebrate the ways in which our disabled exceptional family members impact the entire family

2005/1/7 rose marie aka rosemary kennedy passed away.
sister to jfk she remained invisible after the operation that was supposed to help her
better to deal with disability

2007/7/22 open debate on pillow angels and operations supposed relieve suffering, by them and by their caregivers.

RDR 1954 RDR 1956 RDR 1983 RDR 2003 RR 2006 RR 1966

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things notes that j k rowling made quite a fortune for herself with magic and harry potter.

birdie99 wonders if jcalegacygrp aka jevaresearch can make a fortune with pete trotter and master publishing.

clearly pete has his doubts but miss jean valrae crotty presses for femmes involved with the electromagnetic spectrum and she designed a logo of the visible spectrum.

there were 25 in the original order and only two remain. one is with phil waigand and one is with jean rhone aka birdie99 at the john v crotty residential library and the little science and law memorial.

ee stands for equine electronics from the spirit of st louis to the model T to the myers motors nmg vehicle vessels appliances

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things is the daughter of an unusual ordinary housewife.

birdie99 knows that both of her mothers mates were artists

birdie99 knows that hubby number one studied psychology and became a telephone company executive.

birdie99 knows that hubby number two studied drafting at the detroit institute of technology at the end of a long day working in the ford motor plant.

birdie99 believes that Onstar is really onto something. for years the automobile has been killing and injuring drivers and now through onstar its keepng drivers safer by communications onboard.

well done general motors. you may survive while ford perishes. after all its the survival of the fittest.

jcalegacygrp aka jevaresearch aka juneteenth recovery stands for scientific research that proves that if femmes brains are different that is not the same as being inferior

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things recalls the summer of 1972 by October of 1972 mrs robert n herndon was convinced that her marriage could not survive and that she and her daughter could not survive in it.

birdie99 would not exist were it not for the fact that mrs robert nash herndon made the decision to become just jean herndon and to try to make her way in the world as a single mom. single mom. former slave. free at last. free to starve. free to sharecrop. free to hire out as a domestic. but in 1976 the equivalent could be found in an insurance company home office.

boots to booties is like roots

at least i hope it will be

alex haley and arthur diamond if you are out there, please help. birdie99 wants to tell more about Louise Little.

August month of circuit county circus and charity horse shows

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things wishes to thank mister lucas for the loan of his pony and for the lesson on philanthropy

birdie99 believes that one random act of kindness can
stop osama and his band of

birdie99 as miss jean valrae crotty gained access to a pony just her size at the tender age of five. that experience has made all the difference.
phil waigand met jean rhone her son and her wheel chair over at university christian
church where she had once sung in the choir and where she committed matrimony saturday evening 1965/7/17.

flash forward to another wedding at swan court in richardson 2003/7/27 when her son david had a seizure at the wedding of ernest barrow and holly sue herndon. juxtaposed events have happened to her like that several times.

one memorable day was 1989/2/24 when she got fired in the morning and picked up
her brand new Yugo in the afternoon. looking back she sees she was bound to fail. but she soldiered on and on september ll 2001 she was on the phone with a cps worker.

after the attack by terrorists she felt people might understand that she was an innocent victim of intimate partner intimidation and character stripping. in fact the attorney general agreed she was unfit due to low self esteem. imagine than. the crime was powerlessness and low self esteem for which she received the ultimate punishment. involuntary termination of parenta rights.
a death sentence she is now serving.

tammy faye messner died today and just like her birdie99 hopes to appear video valdidated until hospice carries out her final wish, to die peacefully and join charlie john vic and the other clendenens at Greenwood. final peace.

bonnie bassler you can be a teacher or a nurse or a scientist at princeton

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things created jcalegacygrp and jeva long and jevaresearch for ruth and ramona and for all who celebrate juneteenth world wide. juneteenth has a flag but no country. in fact its about matriotism not patriotism.

birdie99 is patriotic but believes that unless america becomes more user friendly to femmes scientists, our whole human race is doomed.

birdie99 points to al gore and all the community that sees the ecosystem as everybodys business. exxon mobil claims to be training 10 thousand new science and math teachers. just where are they?

birdie99 has a speedpass. rfid is the wave of the future. cell phones and RC toys paved the way for all of us to sample the electromagnetic spectrum. taggers deface public and private property but are their images art with value in spite of this?

jcalegacygrp is an open forum with or without java. go to and write in the guestbook. keep thinkin kennedy and just to spite gerry ford and richard nixon, never let camelot die.

tom sever archaeologist the only one on nasa payroll

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things will always remember 1963.

birdie99 was miss jean valrae crotty then and life was good.

birdie99 received her civil rights wake up call in fall of 1962 through the good auspices of her church and joey jeter.

6805 standering road in ridglea hills was the home then of m/m john v crotty and after addressing the young people, the young black minister from mississippi chatted cordially with John.

John Vincent Crotty might not have left Ford Motor Company were it not for Pearl Harbor.

Jean Valrae Crotty would not have existed and David Rhone would not have been born.

Our destinies are bent by world events. our recovery may depend upon our grasp of this.

jcalegacygrp worships what lies above blue water climbing and back yard swings

2007/7/22 birdie99 on 43things
created jcalegacygrp and jeva long and jevaresearch for ruth
and ramona.

i is for industry.
heavy industry such as steel making and light industry such as housekeeping.

i is for intelligence.
natural intelligence is what we are born with and develop.
artificial intelligence or robotics involves creation of machines that move about and help human masters by performance of tasks.

csail stands for computer science and artificial intelligence laboratories such as

did you know mit offers its intelligence free? not its credentials but its intelligence and this is huge.
the obvious barrier is simply are you smart enough to make use of what we provide?

jcalegacygrp wants to imitate that model. our ocean is big enough for a whale to swim in but shallow enough for a baby to wade in. wanna dive to the deepest depths or skim the surface? its up to you.

in august jcalegacygrp will introduce augmentative intel.
we hope you the reader will be on hand virtually then.


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