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Party tomorrow!

There’s nothing like a visit from everyone you are related to in the world to get you in gear. The house and yard are as nice as I’ve ever seen them, and we’re committed to keeping them in much better shape from now on.

Getting ready for the party

In preparation for the baby’s first birthday party, we’re basically cleaning the whole house. Both desks are done, the bathroom except for the floor is done, the mirrors and windows are done, the first floor carpet is done. Really all that’s left is the bathroom floor, the kitchen, and the carpet on the stairs and second floor. Yay!

Washing Machine

Today we cleaned the washing machine. Wow, it was so gross! But now it’s beautiful!

One Room at a Time

I’ve got to get this place seriously cleaned up. Scrubbing, scraping, whatever.

I’ll start small, with the downstairs bathroom.

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