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Chris Campbell in Wolfville is doing 35 things including…

Practice Yoga regularly, with the wonderful, worldwide alumni of 30-in-30

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The great thing about the 30-in-30 goal was the community aspect where sharing our experiences and encouragement make it so much easier to meet the goal. Now that I’m regularly attending yoga classes I see other benefits too, such as the advice of a great teacher who can help you adjust your postures.
Last night while doing some twists my teacher had me make a slight adjustment to make me extend my spine more and when I did that I was able to twist more than I ever had before. That was quite revelation and it made for a much better session. It’s wonderful to keep learning things while getting healthy.

Yoga Class

While I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years now, I had never taken a class until about a month ago. I’m not sure if I was self-conscious or worried, but actually dropping in and signing up was something that I hadn’t done. The community here is wonderful and encouraging and it was amazing. But a couple of months ago I went in to a class with a wonderful instructor (Helen Fong) at the Sunrise Yoga studio and it’s something that I wish I had done sooner. With a supportive, talented and patient teacher yoga has become so much more for me. Now I’m going to classes regularly and really loving it. There is nothing better at the end of a long day than practicing yoga with others. Now I need to start doing yoga more on my own at home as well and make it part of my life every day again.

Starting Up Again

My recent practise has been very spotty with many false starts. I would do the routine with my PM Yoga DVD thinking that it would get me started the next day, but it didn’t. Then I tried the AM Yoga DVD, but that didn’t take either. So today with no work or other excuses, I popped in Rodney Yee’s Yoga Burn and struggled through it and I’m glad that I did. I feel a lot better and now I’m going to keep it going and try to do that routine three times a week with some other yoga in the morning. I really have missed it!

A Little Bit Better

Today was the first day of March Break and since I teach and the Community College has our break at the same time as the rest of the school system, I am off as well. That means I have more time, so I have absolutely no excuse for not practicing yoga more. So today I’m very happy and proud to report that I was able to start my morning and evening routine today. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up for the whole week and add a few more variations into my routine as well.

Maintaining a Routine

Maybe it’s the time of year, the weather or just a momentary slump, but I’m finding it difficult to practise every day. I’ve done three days in a row so far and I should be able to get another practise in tonight, so hopefully I’ll get back into the minimal one session a day and maybe into the even better morning and evening sessions.
I can see the benefits of having a class as it’s too easy to skip yoga when it’s just me at home. But that’s why I’m glad we have this team as we help each other by sharing!

Feeling My Pulse Again

After starting to skip yoga a bit and then getting the flu and laying in bed for a day, I realize how important yoga can be in maintaining my health.
Yesterday I started back and practised with a Yoga Today podcast that was good and so today I started back into my usual early morning routine with Rodney Yee’s AM Yoga and it felt great. I had a very good day and then did Patricia Walden’s PM Yoga and my day felt complete.
As I was practising this evening I realized how I hadn’t done that in a while and that it felt very good. Thinking about it more I remembered how Patricia Walden’s PM Yoga was my first exposure to yoga and that I’ve done that practise now probably hundreds of times since it’s the one routine that I’ve regularly done since the very beginning of my yoga journey which started about three years ago if I remember correctly.
After the challenge of practising 30 times in 30 days, it made things really click with my body and soul. Being sick and not practising made the return feel almost as if I was coming back to life and that I could feel my pulse again. It’s nice and I’m glad that it’s part of my life and that being part of this community has helped me realize it more completely and to be able to share it too.

Getting Back on Track

While I’ve been at least doing A.M. Yoga for the past few weeks, I haven’t been taking advantage of more free time on the weekends to practice, but today I was able to go through Rodney Yee’s “Yoga Burn”: DVD which was great. It smoothly flows from one pose to another and repeats things several times, which makes it a bit more like a workout. That helps as it allows me to get the alignment right and to notice if I’m becoming more flexible. It left me feeling as if I had a good workout, but I need to do it a few more times to really feel as if I’m getting all of the poses close to the way they should be. I was also able to relax a lot more deeply than usual and makes me want to do more than a shorter practice in the morning and evening.
One more solid DVD that I think that I will return to often when I have the time.
Now I have to add some yoga podcasts into the mix.

Changing My Routine

I’ve bought a few more yoga DVDs to try out different routines for some variety and tonight I tried Maintenance Yoga for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason. It was good and I stretched in a few new ways which I enjoyed. I think that when I do an evening routine I will alternate between P.M. Yoga with Patricia Walden and Maintenance Yoga for Weight Loss. In the mornings I will stick with Rodney Yee and A.M. Yoga, which I really enjoy. I also have Rodney Yee’s Yoga Burn, but I haven’t tried that yet, since I think it may be a bit challenging.
I like having a few choices in what I will do.

Trying Ashtanga Again

I started going through a new Ashtanga Yoga book this morning and first practiced breathing, then linking movements and finally did some sun salutations. I took my time and it was more challenging than I thought it would be. I liked it though.
Previously I tried some Ashtanga yoga with a DVD which was very good, but I couldn’t keep up with it. I may try a combination of the book and DVD as I find that I like the way that a DVD can keep you moving and let you keep track of repetition. But as I learn poses I like being able to take time to make sure I get it right.

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