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What is interesting is that I go through phases of when I feel like I have time to do my own stuff and times when I feel like I have absolutely no time. I have been traveling a bit more for work much like my last job and realized that being on the plane for a few hours many times satisfies the need for personal time. I’ve also have quite a few things I enjoy doing during the week and don’t seem as caught up with unfun stuff like bills, etc, like I was last yr. Whew!

Wit's end...

I hit the wall yesterday. Not sure why but I needed me time, which happened to include my wife. I wasn’t feel that well and just needed to get out work. I felt trapped. I felt like I just needed to be home. I just needed to get away. No reason to feel like that, really… I guess the previously days just sort of wore on me and that was that. Good move for me… today, I am completely rejuvenated and ready for the weekend!

Lunch today

So I won this award at work and one of the rewards was to go to lunch with my boss’ boss’ boss. I was trying to figure out whether this was really a reward or not. In past situations, this would be torture but she’s pretty cool so I went with it. One of the things we spoke about was balancing life and she made a comment to me that I am making the most of both worlds- professional and personal. Assuming that I have to work, I am making the most out of my life right now. However, I think I am ready to take a step and take that to a new level.

I'm doing Fine watching shadows on the wall

I think it’s super important to make time for others, especially loved ones or needy people. However, we also need time for ourselves. This entry it perfect timing b/c I have been in the middle of a ton of things including having my family in from out of town and I have not had one second for myself in over 2 weeks. Things take a temporary break this weekend and I plan on setting some time aside for me. I need to “catch up with life” meaning bills, emails, reading, listening to music, and if it’s nice out, laying out (I’m in SoCal- sorry if it’s still cold where you are). So sometimes, we need to re-energize ourselves with a little personal ME time! ;)

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