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Lose 30 pounds

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Action, Action, we want Action!

September has come and gone but October is here and new! I measured my body and I’ve lost inches all around. I’ve only lost two pounds since (158) but the good news is, I’ve lose Inches!

This means, more muscle is being created. I’m turning that fat into muscle! Woohoo!

I feel good!! =)

Consistent activity

It’s the end of the month and I am still at the same weight. I am exercising three times a week (at least) and doing the best to watch what I eat. I know the progress will show in a month (at least, I hope!) because I’m really not losing any weight. However, what I am doing is gaining muscle; I feel stronger, agile, and good overall. I’m in the zone!

Will check in twice a month to gauge progress here. Cheers!


So last time I weighed myself, I was up to 161. Granted, water weight fluctuates and I haven’t been exercising so I’m not upset.

I have upped my exercise regimen as of yesterday (8/4/11) and I will be tracking here my progress. I wonder what this will look like in three months.

Cheers to perseverance and determination!


I gained some weight so I’m 155 now but I’m losing inches with each activity I do! I’m taking it easy, paying attention to my portions and of course, being active in any way.

I’ll be back to being under 150 in a jiffy with all the fun activities I’m doing.

Can’t wait to see my progress in the next six months!

Getting there

Completed a 13.1 half marathon and I feel like this will motivate me to get back on my fitness goals. I want to train for a full marathon but I should have started at the beginning of the year. I’ll research a bit to sign up for a race. Other than that, bikram yoga has helped me lose crazy inches so I’m on the right track! it’s about health, not vanity. If I keep that in mind, I can keep going strong.

Still under 150

The holidays were tough; I didn’t exercise but I was still able to come back at a decent weight from vacation.

Since I will be training for a half-marathon, the pounds will melt off like better. Lost about twelve pounds overall next year; this year, the remaining eighteen (closer to twenty though)!

I'm under 150

I have been measuring my inches every two weeks, I exercise, and I eat right. I say I’m losing at the right pace. I might even be closer to 140 by the end of the year! That would be awesome! I enjoy exercise and I love eating sweets but somehow, I’ve managed to do both and still lose weight. Why was this harder to do before? It’s so easy now. It all has to do with my mental state which is very stable and focused. Rock on, me!

Down ten - twenty more to go!

Okay so I lost ten pounds in three months – and it worked when I was actually measuring myself. Then I got lazy. Now its back to that and although weight is crazy because it fluctuates, I have been leaner than usual. This means I’m losing inches which is Great! So on to the progress!!! :)

Ten pounds lost....

....and twenty more to go! I did it over the course of three months but I have been able to keep it off. My weight fluctuates between three to five every other day but I know some of it is water weight. I have been lazy lately but I’m getting back in there! I’m serious about this! I’m working it!!

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