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take a ballet class


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Last class

Me and this other dedicated girl attended the class. It was amazing to know the moves and perform them even better this week. We did our closing routine to the Sleeping Beauty song and that was that. Our instructor said we were both ready for Ballet 2! Mission accomplished!

Fourth and Fifth classes

Last week, only one other girl showed up. I guess folks forgot to come! We performed a routine and included jumps! Very fun stuff. We also got intimate feedback since it was only the two of us.

This week, we reviewed the routine and learned new things. It’s so hard for the instructor to teach new things without people in the class who don’t show up consistently. I’m the only one that has showed up to every class so far. I just discovered I have the Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake music so I’m totally practicing to that. Can’t wait for my last class next week! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself without ballet. Will have to sign up for another class.

Third Ballet Class

I really love ballet and I will probably keep going until whenever. I see myself taking more ballet classes with professionals like at the Broadway Dance Center. Yay for ballet! I also want to watch a ballet soon. I’m sure I’ll be able to recognize all the moves we’ve been doing in class.

Today, we did a combination of moves in which we really did look like we were dancing! How exciting! We’ll be semi-pros by the end of the class. :)

Second Ballet class

This week we reviewed all the moves and we really did look like ballerinas by the end of the class! It was so satisfying. I want to go see a ballet performance to inspire me to dance well.

I love ballet.

First ballet class

I loved it! All the stretches and moves…for someone like myself that is terrible at coordination, I was able to do these moves with ease. If anything, what it has given me is the incentive to have much better posture and to correct myself more often than usual.

I am a little sore and I cannot wait for my next class!

Signed up for a class!

At Shockra studios, they offer absolute beginner’s classes. I signed up for a six week class starting January 24th! Am super excited! Yay for me!


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