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Well, my friend had her baby, but since she’s in Colorado, I won’t see it until May. My cousin is due March 7, but I won’t likely see that one either until a wedding in May. My sister-in-law is due March 11, and that’s the one I’m really dreading. It’s the one my mother-in-law is going to see me around, and it’s the one that I’m going to have to go to the hospital to see. I’m just dreading the words, “Do you want to hold her?” NO! I don’t! What’s the big freaking deal about holding a baby? Why do they get passed around like a whiskey bottle for everyone to get their share? It’s a baby for crying out loud. They happen every day.
I wish the world would just understand that there are those of us who don’t care for young children. We’re not monsters; we’re not uncaring, horrible individuals; we just have different likes than you. No different than liking or disliking certain colors. You don’t choose what colors you like; something in your brain just knows, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why can’t you accept that we’re not terrible people for not wanting to hold your baby? It’s not a personal insult to you; we just have no need to hold it. WHY IS THAT WRONG?!?


I have never been a baby person. I’ve never wanted children. I am now married to a man who loves children and wants his own. He also has a 3 y/o nephew and a niece on the way. I need to be able to interact with these kids because his mom seems to find the stupidest things to hate me for, and I don’t want to add “she won’t play with my grandkids” to the list. My friends are also starting to have babies, so this is quickly becoming a must to keep my relationships in good standing. And maybe, someday, I’ll feel prepared for my own.

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