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declutter my house

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could be worse

The Dr. Phil show had a woman on today who is an “extreme hoarder” – thankfully my house is not at that level! It definitely made me feel better but I’m still not happy with the state of the clutter in my house. I was able to get the main rooms clean – the kitchen, dining room and family room, but the office and bedrooms are still a wreck.

One important thing I noticed, I walked into my house today and felt so much better just because I didn’t have to look at all of the clutter in the hallway as soon as I walked in. My state of mind is so connected to my surroundings and my house has been making me tense and angry lately. I need some organization and a schedule to keep it under control.

out of control

this is going to be a hard one, because I am married to a pack rat – but I think I am going to take advantage of his deployment to get everything under control so that when he comes home we can live more simply and make moving easier when we decide to get into a new house.

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