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blueflower32 has written 3 entries about this goal

want this soooo bad

I tried an urban dance class just to see how bad my coordination was. Gosh, its awful but I’ve got the summer to work on that. I’m still continuing last years task of getting stong to support my bodyweight and fit. I used to do weights last year but didn’t eat enough so ended up going underweight and not sustaining the muscle. Want this soooo bad. My fitness is pretty good, my stamina (I like jogging), I did up my biceps a lil’ bit but the triceps are MUCH more difficult. I wana be able to do pullups, chinups and the lot for upper body strength cos I wana learn to breakdance (something I’ve wanted since a kid but u kno parents being so restrictive I never had the chance an the absence of those clubs in my area too).


I don’t have too good coordination but this is something I really wana do. Can I get round this or do you have to have done sports and developed really good coordination as a kid to be able to achieve this?


really don't want to give up

I’m really trying to build my upper body strength for this one. My main goal is my strength to weight ratio so that I find all of this easier. So far the arm excersises are going slow. The tricep excersises my body finds the hardest and I get a headache afterwards! Though after a tricep workout today I got up and was suprised to see quite a bulge at the back of my arms running along it. I was like “ooh, where did that come from?”


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