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Write and/or draw in journal each day

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Just Checking In :)

I just wanted to check in and give a current update on how I am progressing on this goal. For a bit I was not writing everyday, it was a bit sporadic, though for the month of July I have been writing quite a bit, especially lately. I have it on my “To Do List” each day, as well as “Daily Reflect On Five Things I Am Grateful For”. I am writing down the 5 Things each day in my journal first and then posting what I wrote to to that goal on here to keep myself accountable and to be able to keep track. That is helping me tremendously! For even if I do not write anything else, at least I cracked open my journal and wrote something and doodled a bit.

The past 5 days I have written each day without interruption, and have been actually writing multiple times a day. There were some super insane things going on in my life and I was not really writing about them, because I simply couldn’t… Instead if it was too much I would talk to someone about it. This ended up backfiring in the most awful way and I ended up vanishing for a couple days and taking off to get away from everything and think for myself and reconnect to myself. While away, the only person I could talk to was myself in my journal and I do not have to worry about that spreading rumors or telling me how to think. That was such an incredible comfort and I have thus decided that I am going to keep most of what is on my mind and what I am going through to myself for the time being, especially in this particular area of my life (for others getting involved was far more destructive not just to myself, but to someone whom I care deeply about). So far this has been working out great and I am finding out what is inside of me more than I had known. I am still open to talking to people, but I want to write about it first and get it out and see how I feel and if after reflection within myself I still have a desire to share I can do so :). Though I must be careful what I share with whom.

Back to Life :)

For most of the past year, I have not been able to write to myself. I have however noticed as of late that I have been able to get words out if I sit and the computer and let small sentences come out. What happens strangely is that poetry does flow out of my fingers. This is strange because I have never been interested in poetry, nor have I ever considered myself able to write it. I am sure it is not good, but when others read it, it seems to speak very deeply to them… So that is something amazing, because it is something from the core of me that simply hurts or wants to be let out.

Anyway, I decided to try to journal again. My heart was seriously damaged over the past year, and I believe that was why I was not able to express myself. I did not want to think about it, rehash it over, cry, or even in some cases be happy about other things. I simply wanted to live and not feel any extreme in emotion one way or the other.

A few days ago I wandered into a store with a friend who was looking for something specific and I stumbled upon the coolest journal I had ever seen. It was without a price and also happened to be the only one they had. Spontaneously I decided to buy it. It simply spoke to me. So far I have only written one entry, but I actually wrote! That was yesterday, and today I am primed and ready to make some sort of entry into it as well. My goal is to document a part of me each day in some way. To simply express. I have an surplus of pages, so I do not need to worry about running out of space anytime soon. I think that I need to do something to hold myself accountable though. Possibly jump on here each week or so and announce if I have done what I was intending to do :).

One of my main goals as of late is to make sure to try to stay in touch with myself. I guess mainly keep my heart and brain in contact with each other. I do have a terrible tendency to box my heart up, and put it on mute, and think with only my mind. My heart then aches and whispers late at night causing inner conflict. I want to be able to use both, to think and to feel. To use them together, which is much better than one or the other alone :).


It is interesting how it is vital for humans to share their lives. With each other, or even with a diary or journal. To get it out, to make sure certain moments are not forgotten, and to also be able to finally actually forget moments and move on.

I recently stumbled upon a diary from a few years ago of mine. It mostly took place in 2005. It was so very fascinating to read my thoughts. To see how much my life has changed around me in such a short amount of time. Also, how many things I have done, even though sometimes I feel as if I have done nothing :). Where my heart was at and what my hopes and dreams were. There were many things that I had forgotten and reading brought a totally smile to my face.

To leave a couple years and then look back at yourself, it is easier to see who you really were and who you really are. My perception of myself I know is not the same as everyone else’s, yet I can’t figure out where they get what they get. I do not see myself as all that great, in fact I am in my eyes quite plain…dull…nothing that is incredibly special. Yet as I was reading a vibrant, hopeful, optimistic, encouraging, real, silly, beautiful woman was popping out of the pages. After a bit I actually had to stop because it was almost strange in a way. That that was me, is me, but at the same time I do feel as if I am so far from that person… Strange, yes.

I am beautiful! :D And on days when I feel very much the opposite, I guess I just need to remind myself of that. Life is what you make of it and with a dirty perspective of oneself it will never be quite as great as it could be. So it is time to clean off my glasses of life and to stop worrying about what I see as my faults! :D

On a random note, I had not been writing for quite a few days. It was just not something I could get myself to do and when I actually would try and force it, I would write a very undetailed sentence. My heart stumbled across another speed bump and when I feel that way, it is incredibly hard to express myself to anyone, including me. But after reading some of my older journal I felt like writing again :D

One other thing I found interesting was what my goals, dreams, and hopes for the future were. They are very similar to my current ones :D. That is awesome, because it means that I am not being fickle and flitting from one aspiration to another. There are some constant things that I have wanted for quite some time and really need to get on the ball to achieve. If I would have gotten on the ball in the past I would already be there now, so if I start now I can be there in just a year or two :D Back then it seemed as if a year or two were an eternity, but now I am realizing that some things honestly do take time and that putting in that particular time can be very much well worth it…


I used to write in my journal frequently starting in junior high. When I look back on those things that used to be so important to me, it makes me smile at how much I have changed or how I am still the same.

For the past 9 months or so, things have been a bit challenging emotionally, and I do not want to let out those feelings… In writing them I have to think about them and I have to feel them. Yet I know that I must let them out or they will just build up and that is not so good. I love writing about the great and exciting things that are going on or little things that make me smile, yet when my heart hurts I can not seem to write anything even the good. It is as if there is a huge wall in between my thoughts and my pen…

It is my hope to break this wall and be able to express myself. If I can not express myself even to me, how will I ever be able to express myself to those who I need to later?

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