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stop being afraid


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well i dont think i can completly stop being afraid i mean things still scare me but i dont think i have anything to fear or be afraid of. i think it was the future but i see it now that i each day is a gift and can be taken within seconds. why be afraid whats there to fear really?

what have i got to loose?

we live one life here on earth whats there to loose in all honesty? why do we let one word stop us from being all that we can be? really why do we? fear is what keeps us from being us? and i want to be me and i will not let fear control my life. what do i have to fear? tell me really? im not paranoid of things happening or anything like that and im not longer going to let other peoples words affect how i feel. i am me and though fear is a challenge i can conqeur it!


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