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More time but different

I still seem to be spending too much time at the computer, but at least I am doing different things. This week I’ve been consuming my spare time organizing and editing my latest batch of digital photos. It’s still wasted time, probably, but at least it is wasted in a creative endeavor.

A major step back

I took a major step back this weekend, spending almost all of my waking hours in front of the computer writing the initial code for a project so ambitious that there is no chance that I will ever see it through to completion. And what time I didn’t spend coding I spent thinking about code.

So, instead of returning to work on Monday rested and refreshed from a three day weekend, I was even more tired and frustrated than before.

More of an idea than a goal

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to follow through with this one. So much of my life is consumed by computers that I can’t really see disentangling myself from them. And when I do find myself away from a computer, I’m usually reading a programming book or thinking about a computer problem.

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