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#7. Language

The ability to communicate with other people. I like learning languages. I like to communicate through music. I like language.

#6. Composing
I love composing. Even though it takes over my life. I had no idea exactly how much work it is to compose, but after being in school studying intensely for almost a year, I think I’ll make it. Here’s what I like about composing:
  • Locking myself away in a practice room for hours.
  • Being the last one still in the music building.
  • Learning to use finale even though it takes forever.
  • Freshly printed music.
  • Creating something that can really express what you want it to express. I love it when I’ve searched for a way to do something for hours and then I suddenly realize what to do later when I’m not even trying. And then I have to frantically find some way to remember it or write it down.

#5. Family gatherings

Last night we celebrated my sister’s birthday. It was so fun! I was happy to be able to see my family, my grandparents, my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and even my sister’s friend. It’s so strange how I am able to communicate and identify more with my extended family than with just about anyone else, even though I don’t see them all the time. And I love my mom’s cooking! The UC food is getting repetitive. :D

#4. Rain

Such a familiar sound! I think it’s because I associate rain with so many memories, I just feel so comfortable, “wood leaves” as my Chinese friend would say, like I can remember something that didn’t even happen and that fake memory can change the entire course of my day. All triggered by the rain. I love going outside for the first time one day and feeling a light rain falling on an otherwise bright and sunny day. I love being completely soaked and freezing cold and then going inside and laughing about it with whoever is there. I love having to slow down while I’m driving because I can’t really see. I love it when snow turns into rain and everyone is so disappointed and suffering together because it’s just such a nice reminder of home. I love it when I have to cancel plans that would have been really fun, just because it’s raining. I don’t know why, I just love it, or at least the memory of it. Maybe not at the time, but eventually. :D

#3. Family

I love my family. They are all incredible and have really impacted my life (sometimes in ways I won’t admit!). I originally was thinking about just my immediate family but now that I think about it, a lot of my extended family is amazing and important to me too, like all four of my grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and a few cousins. Being with my family just makes me relaxed and at ease. I love it.

#2: Weekends

Weekends are pretty much amazing. For at least a few hours (hopefully) you don’t even have to think about homework. I love weekends. Huzzah! And, I like being able to come home and visit my family sometime. :D It’s great.

Jesus Christ

He makes me happy.

A friend I will always have, who is always there, who does not forget, who cares, who gives, who speaks, and who listens.

“Life is waiting for you.” -Our Lady Peace

Life has found me. There will always be hard times, but I know that there will always also be someone who is there to walk with me through those times. And I’m thankful for this.


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