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Halfway Point

10 friends have joined 43things. 10 to go.

I just realized that this almost sounds self-serving. Like the reason I recommend that my friends join is to check this off my list.

But it’s the other way around.

43things is an awesome tool for completing goals that otherwise get delayed indefinitely. The reason I put this on my list is not to get others to “drink the Kool-Aid”, but to help them reach their own dreams.

And it’s a way for me to know which direction they are headed so I can help them in the ways they want to be helped.

So by getting 20 friends on here, I’ll know I’m doing my job of helping my friends live their dream lives.

Join Now!

I like to know what my friends’ goals are, and help them to achieve those goals in any way I can. The best way I know (so far) to do this is via this website.

I am adding this goal after I have already introduced 5 friends to the site, and yes, I am counting those 5. I will get another five, and then CHECK, one more goal accomplished.

If you’re my friend, and haven’t signed up yet, get on it! If you already signed up, then let me know so I can subscribe to your list and see how you’re doing.

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