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Throw Out the First Pitch of a Major League Baseball Game


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Play Ball!

This goal dates back to my youth. I played Little League baseball, and then continued with recreational baseball until I was 16. I still have an interest in the game, and enjoy watching the Phillies as well as playing in my various softball leagues.

I don’t have much interest in the attention this goal would attract, nor would I find any boost to my ego. I think this is simply one goal that I could look back on later in life, and it would bring a smile to my face.

An ancillary goal to this would be to attach a condition to my pitch. A condition that would come true should I throw a strike. I am thinking something to the effect of free memberships to my website for everyone at the game, or a donation to my charity. Maybe this could tie to my $10,000 donation goal.

I’d have to make sure I throw a strike…


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