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read all the books I have before buying even one more

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one fourth of photoreading course and i am on my second book now

This might take much longer than I had initially anticipated. But so far, so good. :D

one at a time...one at a time...rawr!

okay, so all those books are by my bedside and some are on my bed! this is crazy. i still have an entire folder of e-books on my hard disk. this is crazy! i don’t know what to do. >_< I should start with one book at a time. Last night, I started reading a book on improving one’s writing skills. I hope to finish it this week.

I also decided to get reinforcements from habitforge.com so that I can commit to reading a minimum of 15 pages per day.

I hope this habitforge thing works with my 43things.

coming up next as a personal challenge

I have pursued this goal for variety, growth and critical significance reasons. For one, I really fail since there is always a good book out there that I bump into accidentally. But the thing is, I already feel so pressured at the fact that I have not yet gone halfway through it. I will turn this into my next personal challenge next month so that I will be able to set a deadline for myself on this one.

epic fail

i think i added another 5 books to my shelves this month. sheesh! these book sales are such tempters. lol. but I have been giving more time to reading so I think somehow I will be able to offset the new purchases. Sighs. I will keep trying!!!

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