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dye my hair blue

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here’s me!


Last night was the Blue Moon, we had blue jello and blue coolaid and cooked out on the grill & colored our hair. We started at 7 and weren’t done till 11 or so—took 2 tries to get the hair bleached enough to dye..

BUT it came out great. photos were taken. upload later, I hope.


How to Dye Hair Blue
This are the instructions on first bleaching your hair, dyeing process, and maintenance afterwards.

Obtain hair bleach and use until hair is a very light yellow or platinum. When bleaching your hair consider how thick your hair is and how dark it is. Multiple bleachings may be required. Be sure to wear gloves, and follow carefully the directions on the bottle.
Wash out bleach and dry hair. Do not do anything further. This will keep your cuticle open and further help to stain the cuticle of the hair
Apply dye to the root and then comb outwards towards the tips to insure a even spread. Repeat this until all hair is saturated. Massage in dye with fingertips to insure all hair is touched. Wait 10-20 minutes with the dye in.
Rinse out all dye with cold water. The cold water will keep your cuticle closed and avoid excess rinsing of the dye.

Apply heat to hair when dye is in to enhance color
Wear a plastic head wrap such as a disposable shower cap when applying heat so dye does not dry out
Make sure that hair is bleached well to avoid surprising color results
Apply vaseline to face, ears and neck to avoid stains
Take special care of the conditioning of your hair after bleaching. The bleaching process is very drying and you may find you need to use a stronger conditioner afterwards.

The dye will fade depending on number of washes and rinses to keep this process forgiving always use cold water and color treatment hair products
Do not mix the bleach and the dye
Only use glass, ceramic or plastic bowls for dye and bleach

Things You’ll Need
rubber gloves
blue dye
glass, ceramic or plastic bowl
disposable shower cap
hair dryer

How to Dye Your Hair Using Kool Aid
Dye your hair with kool-aid! It works, and is affordable and totally fun to do with a friend.Hooray!

Mix two packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid with about two quarter sizes of conditioner, in order to make a pasty mix.
Dampen your hair.
Apply mixture to your head.
If you’re doing tips or highlights, use a highlighting wand and wrap the dyed sections in tinfoil.
Leave it in for 12 hours if you have dark hair, or 6 hours if you have blonde hair.
Rinse out when you are done, and voila!

To avoid getting the dye on your pillow, wrap your head in plastic wrap, then cover your head with an old ragged towel.
If you don’t like the results, the quickest way to get it out is with toothpaste or super hot water.
Be patient! Some people think that this could damage your hair, but you are letting conditioner sit in your hair for 8 hours (average). Also make sure you use 2 packs of Kool-Aid, or it will not work.

Make sure you use unsweetened Kool-Aid. Anything else and your hair will be a mess.
This may possibly damage your hair.

Things You’ll Need
Small mixing bowl
2 packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid
Highlighting wand (for highlights, but if you don’t have one try a pipe cleaner)
Tin foil/plastic wrap
Vaseline, to put on the edges of your face so it doesn’t get dyed too.


I’ll be at A-Kon this year with some friends. I think it’ll be the perfect time to have blue hair!

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