stop biting my nails

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I'm an illusion, just a shadow flickering underneath the sun has written 9 entries about this goal

Pen Caps

I bite my nails most at the computer. If I chew on pen caps though, I won’t. Maybe I’ll carry pen caps around with me everywhere I go. I’d have alot of capless pens…


I’ve written 43 on my fingernails in Sharpie. I guess I think that I might see that and refrain from biting, because I will be reminded of 43 Things, and the support I have from other 43 Things users. It won’t work…but I can try.

Of course

The Sally Hansen and Sharpie didn’t work for long, and I’m biting my nails.


I colored my nails with red Sharpie. I very much like the way they look. Bright red is definately the color for me! I usually don’t like painting my nails, because it draws attention to them and their shortness. Though they are just as short as ever, or even more, I like the way they look, and maybe if I can grow them a little I’ll actually paint them with some real polish.

Instead of biting my nails...

Now I’m peeling off the polish from my fingers. I’m such a bad nail painter, so when I painted my nails with the Sally Hansen stuff, I got it all over my fingers and now I’m peeling it off with my teeth. This is better than biting my nails. I’m sure it won’t last long though, and I’ll start biting again.

Hard as Nails....YAY!

I just put on a few coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Many people have said this helps, so I thought I would try it. I havn’t bitten my nails so far, but it’s only been about half an hour.


I just bit down every single nail in about an hour.


Well, right now my nails are horrible. Every single one is bitten down terribly far. My finger tips hurt quite a bit. How can my will power be this bad?


This is my number one goal. I hate biting my nails. I hate hate hate hate hate it! I’m sure people who don’t bite their nails would think something like this is the easiest thing to stop but it couldn’t be harder. I’ve also heard it said that all nail biters become smokers- NOT TRUE! And if it is, I will contradict it. But I am constantly biting my nails. In fact, I am right now. Nothing helps. I’ve tried the bad tasting polish, chewing gum, the rubber band on wrist thing, and every other idea I’ve heard. If anyone has a new useful idea, please help me!

I'm an illusion, just a shadow flickering underneath the sun has gotten 23 cheers on this goal.


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