brannen in Kingston is doing 27 things including…

kill every mosquito that has the temerity to land on me

12 cheers


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They are back!

Had a respite from the blood-sucking creatures, but they are back. Smaller than before but as annoying as ever. So scarce had they been for a while that I lost some of my dexterity with the swatter. I feel it coming back though! Oh yes, I do!

"Intensive fogging will take place this week."

After 50 years of being certified malaria-free, we are having an outbreak! Eighteen people diagnosed and counting. So now they are going to be fogging – intensively they assure us – and cleaning blocked drains!

All of a sudden the swatter seems … puny. But surely the practice puts me in good stead?

Today's assault is fierce.

I am begining to wonder if I am not rearing a new strain of mosquito under my desk: one that needs an abundance of wires to breed instead of stagnant water.

The best is...

doing a precautionary sweep under my desk with a swatter and zapping a mosquito. A preemptive strike, you might say. Actually, that is not the best. Pretty darn good, but not the best. The best is still zapping one while it feeds without adminstering a mild shock to self.

There is some skill in ...

not zapping yourself with the electronic swatter while going after a mosquito that is actively sucking your blood.

They are on the warpath today and

are doing a war dance under my desk. Luckily, the swatter is here!

A favourite in my quest

The electronic swatter.
Very satisfying to hear them go “Pop!”

I am sure mosquitos have a purpose on this planet...

but I am also quite certain that sucking my blood is not it!

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