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i want to have friends again. like real friends. people that i can count on and go grab some coffee and vent with

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tired of the loneliness

i feel like not having that one really good friend i can talk to about anything has really changed me. & not that other people or having a friend defines me, but not having at least one really good friend does. im not close to anyone i once was with. i mean they’re my fb friend but come on…well i feel like if i could just stay 100% involved with something i can start getting to know people again and start opening up more. bit i know thats not realistic. ive had that opportunity and i blow it every time. i guess maybe im insecure or sometimes to critical. i really dont do it on purpose tho. people are just so damn shallow and i stay away from those types of people. idk. sometimes it isn’t me tho, i see people do cold hearted things or say 2 faced things that i just keep it professional and try to turn a blind eye and just stay to myself. because obviously you see them do it tp someone else, its only a matter of time they’re going to do it to you.

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