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lose 5 pounds

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I actually only have 2 pounds left before I will set this as completed. I just realised that. lol I’m so dumb.

2 pounds should take a week or a bit longer I figure.


LOL, I don’t see how I’m gonna make this in 8 days, but I will not lower my calorie intake to 800 if I don’t make it. I will stay at 1200. I’ll start work out more instead. Which wouldn’t hurt anyway.

I guess I see things in a different way, than the way I did when I started this.

21 days.

This is my first minigoal. My goal is to lose about 15 pounds.
I want to do this the healthy way, and I’ll give myself about 21 days to drop the 5 pounds. Otherwise I will limit my calorieintake to 800 calories a day.

woooaaa here we go.

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