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Choose to be happy today.

Don't Be The Nice Guy!

Do you know why Nice Guys lose? It’s because they see the worst in everything and everyone. Instead of taking a bad experience and growing from it, they become bitter and withdrawn. Don’t be THAT Guy!

Stop Analyzing

A bad habit of mine is trying to figure people out. Why is that person so rude? So mean? So blind? So…etc. My answer to that is STOP. All it does is get me worked up and angry. To that person, their feelings are completely legitimate while I feel the same way about mine. We are who we are and that’s alright with me. I try to focus on being a good person and that’s all I can really do.

Ignore your Brain

“You are not your brain.” I forget where I read that, probably a book. It definitely helps to ignore what my brain says. Living in the moment is what I’m aiming for, not living in my head.

I found my motto...

“Suck it up Princess!” :P

I’ve tried out a few different ones and this one seems to work the best. It’s a shorter version of “Never feel sorry for yourself.”

It really helps me break out of the cycle of negative thinking.

Practice Ignoring

Whenever I’m on forums, youtube, blogs, etc. I have the nasty habit of focusing on negative comments. I’ll skim over positive comments find a troll comment and defuse the comment in my mind. I feel the need to prove that person wrong to myself. It’s a futile exercise and all I feel is frustration and anger. Lately, I’ve been doing the opposite. Skimming over nasty comments and only focusing on the positive ones. It’s helped reduce my stress level while online.

Now I need to practice doing this in real life. Skimming over the negatives and focusing on the positives. It won’t be easy since I’ve developed this habit over 15 years. But I believe any habit can be broken if you try hard enough. I’m very stubborn so I know I can do this.

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