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talk to her about it


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I did the best I could with the situation. Nothing more to do except let go and let be.


Well, I finally talked to her last night for about a hour about the situation. It made me feel better to hear what SHE had to say about everything and not having to hear other people’s versions. I’m not saying everything is ok now, and that we’ll go back to being the bestest of friends (honestly, I think that stopped when we entered high school) but it felt a lot better to hear her side and to be able to relate mine and at least try to make her understand. It’s not over yet but I definitely took the first step. Maybe we won’t be friends anymore after this but I’ll be able to live with myself knowing I went about it the right way. It was definitely a learning experience. Not every relationship needs to be saved. Sometimes people are put in your life for a certain amount of time to help teach you and help you grow. And then maybe, just maybe then – you’re supposed to move on…


If it’s time for our friendship to end then I can live with that. But only if we’re able to end on good terms.


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