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Got the basics

Time constraints have kept me from watching as much anime as I would have liked, but I can safely say that I’ve watched more than I had when I first set on this goal. It’s definitely worth it. I’ll be sure to watch more as time allows!

Tokyo Godfathers

Man, this is one of the most gorgeous movies ever, with a storyline that I think Will Eisner would have enjoyed.

I’ve got to own this.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Wow, this was a good one. The visual style made me think of Moebius, a French illustrator who I’ve always admired. The story was pretty captivating as well – kept me awake and alert until 3am :-)

Wind Named Amnesia

I watched this on On-Demand last night. I really liked it, although I suspect some content got edited out. That’s okay, I’ve got it on my list at Rent Anime. More of a character exploration than a plot-heavy storyline. We could really stand to learn a little over here about the range of story types that are available in animation. Namely, all the same story types that are available for everything else :-)

Adult Swim

I stayed up way too late watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network last night (this morning?), catching an episode of Full Metal Alchemist (awesome) and Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex (also very interesting, and gorgeous to boot).

But really, I shouldn’t be going to bed at 4:30 in the morning, even if I am catching good anime because of it.

Takegami: Guardian of Darkness

Interesting stuff. A little hard for me to follow in the first episode, but I’d gotten into the groove by the second and third. Matter of fact, I was pretty much immersed by the third episode. I’m a sucker for seeing the development of characters over time, and Takegami managed it fairly impressively. I also enjoyed the backstory for episode 2. Basically, I liked this one, and I’m looking forward to more.

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