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No spend weekend

I have a goal to spend no money this weekend. Not a penny. Let’s see how it goes.

Needs are more than what I earn

Ack. I am spending money I don’t have. Anyway, there are things that MUST be done, so I am “borrowing” the money to get my swamp cooler fixed and to get my car fixed. These are needs and must be done. I keep believing there will come a respite so I can pay these debts before new problems arise. I believe this. I will pray for it.

By doing this, saved money I needed three weeks later

I had to buy a new battery for my car this weekend, but if I hadn’t saved money from three weeks ago for emergencies, I would have had to charge it and pay an additional $50. Since I had cash, it was $50 cheaper. I could have frittered away the money buying stuff I didn’t need, or having fun – which I need, but must find in free ways right now. Having saved the $50, I was able to get rabies and yearly vaccines for 2 dogs and a cat, with an additional $10 kicked in. I enjoy living frugally, as I have most of my life, but recently I elevated it to a higher level; it is a more refined frugality from before.

Loving saving

I am getting as much excitement out of spending less money as I used to get when I was spending it. Lately I am having a lot of big expenses, and more coming up this week. Still, it’s okay. Better than going to the casino, or buying a lot of fancy lunches, or buying shoes or tops, or making car payments, or drinking $20 bottles of wine, etc. I’ll pay car insurance. I’ll get my older vehicle fixed. I’ll pay to have new double-pane windows put into my house. I’ll pay to have a new back door put on my house. I’ll “invest” my money in things that improve the quality of my life in long-term and dramatic ways. These things four things will actually enhance my life and save me money in the long run.

Didn't spend a cent today

I stayed home and worked on my house. It was great! My needs are simple today, and my means is untouched.

Sad but true

With Roxy gone, my needs will go down about $150 per month. I had to pay $400 for her to be euthanized and buried. Money well spent, but not in my budget. I had two other needs: car repair and payment on a debt. Sigh. I hate having to consider money when considering the welfare of my horse. I made the right choice, though, for her. I’ll figure out how to make the other things happen.

This pay period

I have really been watching my money this pay period, because frankly, I have none. But I haven’t had any desire to run to buy something to fill in whatever hole in my psyche gets temporarily filled up by impulse or recreational shopping. I have so much to fill my time for “free”, like decluttering my house, mucking corrals, riding my mare, cooking good food, watching X-Files, writing, and so on.

The next pay period I’m going to Home Depot to get Glidden paint swatches to choose the exterior paint for my house. Fun and free. I’ll also sort my garden containers and select the ones to keep and the ones to let go. I really want to start an herb garden and grow some flowers and vegetables, so this will be a start on gardening, without spending any money. I don’t want to buy anything until I know what I already have. I want to only buy what I need.

The new year reserve

The beginning of the new year brings me a “reserved” attitude for this goal. I had a “small” Christmas and didn’t overspend on gifts, which translates into actually having a financial cushion. I limited my wants in entertainment, gift giving, food and drink, travel and partying. My wants did not equal my needs – I didn’t NEED to celebrate even in the small way I did – yet the limitations led to more authentic expressions (for me) of the holidays, and curtailed mindless spending. I don’t have the emotion of buyer’s remorse this year, nor did I go deep into debt, but only a little bit. Although it was difficult at the time, I feel so much better now.

Sadly failing

I have so many things going on that I need to spend money on to keep my life going that this is a sad failure right now. I hope to get back on track the first day of 2014.

Not happening

This is not happening. I was nearly out of consumer debt a year ago, and now I’m back in again over $10,000. I know what I need to do to get out of it, and it is so dang hard to do. I need to set another December 31st goal list. It does help.

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