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Pay off my two credit card balances

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Paid off one!

The other will take so much longer. Maybe in two years? I’m retiring this, and starting a new one for paying off the last credit card.

They're coming down

slowly but surely. One is under $200 and the other is under $4000. Someday….

Small amount on credit card

One of my credit cards is for “overdraft” protection on my account, and $100.02 was put on it in December! Rats! I paid $20, and need to pay off the rest ASAP to avoid interest. I guess I wasn’t as good at my finances during the Christmas holiday as I thought I was.

One big one, one medium one

One should be paid off in about 10 months, and the other should be paid off in…3 years. Ack! I want to pay the big one off in two years, but somehow I end up having to use it for an emergency.

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