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Visit my uncle's grave in Florence, Italy

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I’ve been feeling as if this goal is not so far away. I don’t know why I feel that way because I have no money, too many critters to take off to Europe for a couple weeks, and no specific plans. I do have a passport, which I guess is one of the handful of things I absolutely must have to go.

A long-term goal

I could “remove” this, as I have done with a couple other goals. Even though this goal will probably not be realized for a number of years, I want to keep it on my list because it is inspiring. Someday I will do this.


I may not get to complete this goal for years. Years! It’s staying on my goals list. I will do this. Just brushing off the dust, right now, and recommitting to it.

I am still hanging in for this goal

I have no money to go to Firenze. I have no time. I have no house sitter for that length of time. I do have luggage and clothing and my sister who is willing to go with me. I have my passport and a plan of travel. I continue to read and learn so that I am can be familiar with the land and the people. I still have the desire and the will to go.

Saw photos

of his grave at my mother’s house last weekend. He has a big white cross. My sister brought flowers and put on the grave. I will bring some water and some dirt from Montana. He was a Montana cowboy.

I will get there!

Not this year, obviously. Maybe not next year. But I will get there.

Still going!

I don’t know how or when, but I am still going to do this!

Pushed back and back and back...

I am putting new siding on my house (it was AWFUL), then I have to get the roof worked on. Next we have to paint the house (primer will be on it, but we need to paint this summer). And then in February 2013 we have to get the well replumbed with our neighbor. So money to go visit my uncle’s grave in Florence, Italy is going into my house. I am now thinking it will be 2014. I am not giving up on this goal. Never! But life happens when you are busy making other plans.

Pushed back yet another year

but for a good cause. I am spending $2000 of the trip money to buy materials for our nephew to put new siding on our house. It’ll take me about a year to save up the money again, but it is worth it. We need our house in good shape.

In one year

The well doesn’t have to be replaced for a year, so I hope to save up funds that won’t interfere with my trip to see my uncle’s grave. That would be good.

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