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Much better

Things have gotten much better lately. Sometimes just a little bit of positive thinking can turn things around.

Culture shock

I realize that I’ve been thinking way too negatively lately. But it’s helpful to think of this as culture shock – a stage that is almost unavoidable, and something that will pass. I’ve been here for over 7 months and even though it’s been difficult, I’ve never really wanted to go home. I was happy for the opportunity to be here. This past week, I’ve wanted to go home – badly. But I think everyone who lives in another country experiences these kinds of feelings. I just need to focus on all of the positive aspects of being here. Thinking negatively will just cause me to become more and more homesick and resentful.


I’ve been feeling very homesick lately. The thought of staying here for two years seems incredibly overwhelming. I’ve been feeling down and I just want to go home where things are easy (well, easier).
I noticed that recently I keep on focusing on the negative. I need to change that. For the most part, I’m happy here. Just because I’m homesick right now doesn’t mean that things won’t get better. I just have to have faith that this too will pass.


I’m going to put everything I have into thinking positively over the next couple days.


Lately I’ve been thinking more positively about my own life. But I’m still a bit of a cynic or a pessimist about the fate of the human race. I believe in the good of people, but I don’t think we can fix the mess we’ve made for ourselves.
I wonder if it’s possible to change this pattern of thinking…


I’m getting better at making this a priority.

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