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pay off my debt

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slowly but surely

It’s taking forever because other expenses have came up but these are my new balances:
Weokie Loan: 1943
Capital One: 559

And that’s it! Oh crap, except for the money I owe my parents. I forgot about that. $1200 I think? Ughh. Well I got a raise this year that will take effect in June. And I got a 2nd part-time job at a restaurant that I will start tonight so…we’ll see how that goes.

i paid off two credit cards!!!!!

I am really excited about that. One didn’t have a very large balance but it was the one with highest interest rate (30%!!) so I’m glad it’s finally taken care of. Oh yeah and I FINALLY paid this overdue cash advance…I forgot about that one
What’s left…
Cap One—750
Personal Loan—-1900
My parents—1200 I think

can't wait!

just moved back in with my parents at the beginning of this month and i am finally getting caught up on all my past due bills so i haven’t been able to put any towards my credit cards yet…I still have
Cap One $750
Cap One $687
Chase $89
Weokie Loan $2000

ahhhh! I can’t wait to start putting money towards this. I should be able to apply at least $1000 from my next paycheck to this debt…that’ll be good.

About $5,000 worth

Which is why I am temporarily moving back in with my parents. I should be able to get this knocked out fairly easily. I have a $2000 personal loan, 2 maxed out credit cards, 1 credit card with only $140 on it…I owe my parents about $1200 and I’m sure I have a few things on my credit report that need to be taken care of. I can’t wait to accomplish this goal. It’ll be such a huge weight off my shoulders. Also, I have some other goals that cannot be achieved until this one so… I’ll be updating on how this comes along!

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